Why Work With Me?

The Seeds of Health Method ™️

It takes on average 66 days to build a new habit. I have designed The Seeds of Health Method which brings together all my professional experience.

It is a 66 day programme with a modern approach, regular support and a motivational App. All structured to fit in with a busy life and make improving your health with nutrition as easy as possible. 

I aim to:

  • provide you with regular support to help you create healthy habits that last

  • focus on step-by-step progress, not perfection

  • give you support and guidance to make positive changes and learn how to fit them into your life

  • help you discover the joy of healthy eating


Online Nutrition Consultations 

online nutrition consultations fees

Nutrition plans for women’s health:

Invest in your health

My online nutrition packages are designed especially for women, to fit in with a busy lifestyle and help you build lasting healthy habits in 66 days.

Are you:

  • struggling to create healthy eating habits that last

  • fed up of short term solutions and restrictive diets

  • tired of trying to find your own solutions 

Support is the key to success 

Long term nutrition and lifestyle changes take time, working with me 1-1 on a regular basis helps you to remain more motivated so that you can achieve the best long term results.

Online nutrition packages include:

  • initial consultation 

  • follow-up & progress sessions 

  • unlimited messaging support

  • online food & mood journal

  • personalised recipe book or meal plan

If you are not sure which package you would benefit from I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation. I’d really like to hear your story and let you know how I can help.

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Help Your Hormones

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A 66 day hormone support package for women in midlife on the run up to menopause. Expect step-by-step lifestyle changes that support hormone balance and the transition to menopause.

Help Your Hormones is an all-in-one package that includes your initial consultation, 4 x progress sessions a specific peri-menopause kit with supplements, meal plan, shopping list and recipe ideas. 

£445 (2 instalments £222.50)

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The Healthy Gut  

nutrition eat the rainbow

A 66 day gut health package to improve IBS and digestive problems. The Healthy Gut is a complete package to help improve your gut health, relieve uncomfortable digestive symptoms and boost your energy.

This package includes your initial consultation, 4 x progress sessions as well as a specific gut health kit with supplements, meal plan, shopping list and recipe ideas. 

£445 (2 instalments £222.50)

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The 14 Day Cleanse & Reset

Nutrient boost diet check-up

We live in an increasingly toxic environment, a therapeutic cleanse can give your body a break and help to nourish it with the nutrients it needs to work best. 

The 14 Day Cleanse & Reset can help to boost energy, clear skin, aid weight loss and increase nutrient absorption.

You will receive a kit that includes specific supplements, a delicious low allergenic food plan, recipes and a shopping list.

This package includes your initial consultation and progress session to help you stay on track.


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Midlife Weight Loss

midlife weight loss package

Lose weight and optimise your health with nutrition, not numbers. This plan is NOT a diet because it’s designed to be genuinely sustainable.

A bespoke 66 day nutrition and weight loss package for women’s health in midlife. You can expect regular support and guidance with motivational App based technology.

This personalised nutrition plan aims to reduce cravings, boost your energy and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Please note this package does not include tests or supplements.

£399 (2 instalments £199.50)

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Please do not stop taking any medications without your doctors consent. There is a balance between medications, diet, and lifestyle which means that they are sometimes necessary as part of an effective health plan.

Please note, due to the amount of work I do before your consultation payment is required when booking your appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please give 48 hours notice for a refund. All major credit cards are accepted.