Online Nutrition Solutions for Digestive Health

What is Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine?

Nutritional therapy is an evidence-based, supportive approach to health that aims to investigate and address the root cause of health complications.

Poor diet is linked to 1 in 5 deaths. As many as 4 out of 10 cancers may be preventable with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The main focus is on addressing each person as an individual using the principles of Functional Medicine. Many people with chronic symptoms may not have a clinically identifiable disease and standard medical tests might come back reported as normal which can be very confusing.

This 360 approach includes the use of:

  • Personalised nutrition

  • Stress management

  • Sleep optimisation

  • Movement, exercise & activity

  • Practical lifestyle modifications

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Functional testing


The Nutrition Plan for Gut Health

Digestive health and skin nutritional therapy

A root cause strategy for digestive health

This is a natural solution with an evidence-based strategy which may be beneficial for many health problems including; Digestive & gut health issues, bloating, IBS or constipation. Research supports the importance of the gut microbiome in our health. Many conditions are associated with gut dysfunction. A gut transformation programme can improve your digestion in just 6 weeks.

Food provides the body with the crucial nutrients it needs to function well and repair any underlying imbalances. Finding the correct diet to improve digestion or skin conditions often requires professional support and guidance. Many people do not receive sufficient nutrients from their diet and mainstream medicine alone does not always provide the solutions to nutrition and lifestyle related health problems.

There is so much conflicting advice about nutrition in the media. This makes it difficult to access the right information. We are all individuals and what suits one person may not be right for another. A personalised approach with functional testing can uncover the root cause of digestive problems. This can help to improve gut health and bring symptom relief.

Digestive problems are common. Food intolerance, poor gut health and other imbalances in your body can sometimes be the root cause of bloating, IBS, constipation and other digestive issues. Consulting a Nutritional Therapist for professional advice and functional health testing can give you support and help you understand what your body needs.


The Gut Transformation Programme

weight loss food nutritional therapy

Transform your gut health

If you suffer from gut health issues such as bloating, gas, fatigue, constipation or indigestion. Practical nutrition solutions can help to soothe your digestion and bring your body back into balance naturally. The Gut Transformation 5R Programme aims to get to the root cause and restore digestive health.

This nutrition package includes 4 nutritional therapy consultations with a workbook to record your symptoms and progress. A personalised menu planner with recipe suggestions, and a nutritional supplements kit. The Gut transformation Programme has been proven to support the normalisation of gut function in just 6 weeks.


What are Functional Health Tests?

food intolerance tests

Functional health tests are used to check how well the body is functioning. They can be used to look for markers or patterns that spot trends towards disease which may still be reversed or halted. This can help to understand biochemical individuality as well as any underlying causes of health problems. Optimal ranges, not just normal ranges, may be required for good health.

Functional tests can be helpful for a number of problems including digestive issues, hormone imbalance, thyroid problems and fatigue. Research suggests that the root cause of some chronic illnesses could be nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalance and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Tests can be used to look at genetics, adrenal, thyroid and liver function, glucose and lipid metabolism. As well as iron and inflammation status. Hormone imbalances can cause a wide range of signs and symptoms. Thyroid function in particular has a profound effect on overall health. A total thyroid screen also tests for thyroid autoimmunity. This test can uncover hormone imbalances that often go undetected with more limited thyroid tests.

Functional health tests are sometimes recommended, in addition to your Personal Nutrition Plan. They can help to investigate any underlying causes of symptoms and be used for targeted therapeutic dietary strategies.

These functional health tests include:

  • Nutrient deficiency

  • Genetic DNA analysis

  • Vitamin D deficiency

  • Hormone testing, The DUTCH Test

  • Total thyroid screen, thyroid autoimmunity

  • Functional blood chemistry

Functional health tests can be arranged from my consultation room in Altrincham. I also have access to GMP certified professional nutritional supplement companies. The companies I use represent the forefront of natural health science. They provide premium quality clinical strength nutritional supplements, which I am able to offer to clients at a discounted price.