Online Nutrition Solutions for Healthy Weight Loss

A 12 week plan for long term results

Have you found it more difficult to lose weight during midlife? You lose 3 pounds and gain 4 pounds back despite all your efforts! The amount of different diets, plans and trends is totally overwhelming. All the conflicting information makes it difficult to know what to eat. It’s easy to end up with an all or nothing mentality leaving you more prone to stress eating. This pattern can create a yo-yo dieting cycle for years, which only takes you further away from a healthy lifestyle.

A root cause strategy for women 40+

Do you feel like you gain weight for no obvious reason with cravings and hunger controlling your life? Many women in their 40’s and 50’s struggle with hormone imbalances. Weight loss over 40 is more challenging and requires a specific plan. This is due to being less active, insulin resistance, inflammation and a shift in hormones. Hormones control everything from mood, weight, energy, anxiety and motivation. The roller-coaster can start in your 40’s when hormones start to shift and last until menopause. The loss of hormones in midlife can bring profound changes for many women.

Fed up playing the dieting game? 

Stop dieting and start seeing results! You can break free from the constant cycle of cravings and deprivation to create real change. You can enjoy a healthy life in midlife without needing to go on a diet. This method gives you a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan. Diets don’t work long term, but a healthy lifestyle does!

health is a daily practice not a 30 day diet

Get rid of the dieting mindset

The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan can help you enjoy food that makes you feel good. You can stop watching what you eat, worrying about your health, and weighing yourself. A personalised approach is the most important step to help you build confidence and make changes in your daily life.

“Dieting was making me feel crazy, this plan was a life changer.”

My clients say The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan has helped them to understand why they have gained weight, and how to fix it without yo-yo dieting. The right knowledge and skills can help you make lifestyle changes with ease and eat well for life. This is a 365 day approach because health is a daily practice not a 30 day diet. You don’t need to be perfect, but it does help if you are consistent.

“I’ve got more energy, this is the best I’ve felt in years!”

Do you wish you had more energy to do the things you love? I have specialised in helping people lose weight for the past 17 years. I will work with you to identify patterns of behaviour and design a flexible weight loss strategy that fits with your day-to-day life. To create practical solutions that improve your health, reduce sugar cravings and give you more energy. Together we will uncover what works for you so you can build healthy habits that last.


The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan

weight loss nutritionist

Weight loss based on nutrition, not numbers

This weight loss plan is tailored to you for the very best results. Weight loss does not have to be punishing, making small changes step-by-step over time can help you build long lasting habits. This method is focused on nutrition, not numbers, because size isn’t all that matters. The combination of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine is often the best solution for weight loss. This is because sleep, lifestyle, eating habits and a positive mindset are all important for long term weight management and healthy ageing.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle & create a happier life

The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan is a complete mind-body method which can have an incredible impact on weight loss. This 12 week plan includes weekly online motivational support sessions. It is different to most other weight loss plans. This method has been created from my professional experience, using habit and behavioural psychology alongside nutritional science. It is designed to make things easier so you can approach meal planning, shopping and cooking in a positive way.

Focus on long term healthy habits that nourish your body

The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan is designed for women 40+ to support weight loss and healthy ageing. This weight loss method is not a diet, it is a lifestyle programme that aims to set you on the right path to health.

The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan Highlights:

  • Non-pharmaceutical approach

  • No diet shakes or calorie counting

  • Evidence-based health plan

  • Optimise your metabolism

  • Nutrition specially formulated for weight loss

  • Based on your unique health history

  • Supplements to support your body during weight loss


How can Functional Testing Help?

food intolerance tests

The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan is available as a 12 week nutrition package. It is designed to improve health by investigating and addressing any possible underlying causes of weight gain, such as hormone imbalance. We are all biochemically unique so no single diet works for everyone. Individual variations such as genetics, lifestyle, poor gut health and nutrient deficiencies mean that each person could respond differently to foods. This might make it more difficult for some people to lose weight.

Functional health tests are optional. Hormone testing such as The DUTCH Test is often very helpful for midlife women. They may help to further specialise your personal nutrition plan for weight loss by understanding biochemical individuality as well as underlying causes of weight gain. Tests can also help with individual nutritional supplement advice.

Weight loss nutrition consultations take place 1-1 or online, to fit in with your life. If you would like to work with me in-person. My consulting room in Altrincham offers a welcoming environment for nutritional therapy and weight loss consultations.

If you’ve found it difficult to lose weight and would like to find out more about The Weight Loss Nutrition Plan please click here to book your free discovery call.