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Success Stories


I enjoyed the whole process

I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough. Everything about my interaction with her was brilliant. She is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, organised and supportive.  She took me through improving my nutritional health in a step by step way and everything she suggested was very manageable.  She really listens, cares and encourages.  I enjoyed the whole process and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Lisa for further support in the future if I need it.


Excellent experience, exceeded expectations

Excellent experience, exceeded expectations, very helpful in getting my health back on track after COVID 19. I learned heaps about having a balanced vegetarian diet to promote a healthy active lifestyle. The recipes were amazingly tasty. Lisa was excellent to work with and made my goals achievable. Would highly recommend!

Tomato Soup bowl


I Learnt so much!

I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone looking to improve their general well-being, target specific problems, or even learn about nutrition! After completing the 5 day diet diary I learnt so much about what is important for me in terms of vitamins and minerals, and what foods naturally source these. Thanks again Lisa!

pinapple and oranges fruit


wonderful service!

Lisa provided a wonderful service! Extremely helpful and detailed feedback, super speedy, polite and friendly service. I would absolutely recommend for any nutrition help!! Thank you!


Cannot recommend her highly enough!

I completed a 5-day food diary with Lisa, and the feedback she gave me was so interesting and helpful! She provided tailored advice on nutrients, vitamins and potential supplements given my largely plant-based diet, and also gave me some great recipe ideas! I loved working with her and cannot recommend highly enough.

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