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Online Nutritionist, Weight Loss, Menopause, Hormone balance, UK

Online Nutritionist for
Women's Health
& Weight Loss 

Without Calorie Counting or Cabbage Soup Diets!

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Lisa Smith, online nutritionist, Altrincham, Cheshire, Manchester, UK

Hi, I'm Lisa

Registered online nutritionist based in Altrincham, Cheshire working across Greater Manchester and the UK

Are you fed up of yo-yo dieting & struggling with cravings, emotional eating, tiredness or bloating?

​Frustrated by stubborn weight gain and feeling overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition and weight loss advice? 


I help women over 35 tackle the root causes of stubborn weight gain and kickstart healthy weight loss in just 28 days.


By naturally reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, and boosting energy.


I do this without excessive supplements, intense exercise, calorie counting, fake food or unsustainable diets.


Personalised nutrition, with regular support and accountability, is the key to health and weight loss. I also offer DNA diet testing  for the ultimate in personalised nutrition.


I can help you find what works for YOU Even if you think you’re too busy or you’ve tried everything before!

Qualified Online Nutritionist Support

As a BANT registered nutritionist based in Altrincham, Cheshire. I provide DNA diet, gut & hormone testing with evidence-based, personalised online nutrition plans. I offer weekly health coaching and online consultations to clients in Greater Manchester and across the UK.

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Online Nutrition Programmes

28-Day Rebalance​

Ideal if you are looking to improve your health through an online personalised online nutrition plan with weekly health coaching support.​


The 28-Day Rebalance Programme is tailored to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals through a comprehensive and personalised approach.​

This programme offers you:
  • A customised online nutrition plan designed to meet your unique health needs.

  • Weekly online health coaching sessions to provide guidance, support, and motivation.

  • Easy-to-follow recipes that make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable.

  • Practical lifestyle tips to help you build lasting healthy habits.

  • Optional DNA diet, hormones or Gut test, for the ultimate in personalised online nutrition.

This programme is for you if you are:

  • A woman over 35.

  • Looking for a different approach to weight loss.

  • In perimenopause, menopause or beyond.

  • Diagnosed with IBS, diabetes, digestive, skin, thyroid, or autoimmune conditions.

  • Taking HRT or not.

  • Struggling with hormonal conditions.

  • Feeling tired all the time.

  • Recovering from cancer treatment.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your gut health or energy levels, my 28-Day Rebalance online nutrition programmes provide the tools and support you need to succeed! Read my clients success stories and testimonials here.

Let's Work Together

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​​As a qualified online nutritionist in Manchester, with over a decade of experience, I can help you regulate your metabolism to kickstart weight loss — Without overwhelm! 


I offer a FREE 30-minute no obligation consultation via Zoom or phone call. 


This FREE online consultation is for you if:


• You are frustrated with diets that don’t work and leave you feeling hungry.

• You want to lose weight without counting calories or resorting to fad diets.

• You want to explore personalised online nutrition plans to address issues like weight management, hormonal imbalances, or digestive problems.

Free consultation spaces are limited.
Programmes start at £395.
Online Nutritionist, nutrition plans,Altrincham, Cheshire, Manchester

Book a FREE Consultation

Weight loss Nutritionist, nutrition plans,Altrincham, Cheshire, Manchester

Weight Loss Nutrition 

Hormone balance nutritionist, nutrition plans,Altrincham, Cheshire, Manchester




Sugar Cravings?


Nutritionist approved easy-to-follow recipes
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Nutritionist approved simple things you can easily start doing today to balance your hormones, improve your gut health and finally achieve lasting weight loss.

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Nutritionist Success Stories

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Jayne P. Sale, Manchester

"Before working with Lisa, I struggled with low energy levels and digestive issues. She taught me how to nourish my body with the right foods. I feel more energetic, my digestion has improved and I’ve lost 7 pounds. Thanks to Lisa's guidance and support, I feel much healthier"


Sarah D. Salford, Manchester

"I've tried countless diets and weight loss programs in the past, but nothing seemed to work long-term. I decided I needed help from a nutritionist. Not only did I lose 12 pounds, but I've also maintained my results 6 months later. Lisa's online nutrition programme has helped me achieve my weight loss goals in a healthy way."


Amelia J. Didsbury, Manchester

"I was having frequent flare up's before working with Lisa. My symptoms have now greatly improved, I have lost 16 pounds and I finally feel more like myself again. Lisa's expertise and support have been invaluable to me!"


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Can an online nutritionist help with weight loss?

Yes, a qualified nutritionist can help you lose weight. Weight loss can be a challenge, especially during midlife, but a personalised nutrition plan or DNA diet test from an experienced nutritionist can make a real difference to your weight. I have worked with many women in Manchester and across the UK

Do you offer online consultations?

I am an experienced nutritionist, specialising in women's health and weight loss. I am based in Manchester and offer online consultations and DNA diet tests for clients across the UK.

How do I choose an online nutritionist?

Ensure the nutritionist is qualified and registered. Look for credentials like a diploma or degree and affiliation with reputable bodies such as BANT. I am a qualified naturopathic nutritionist based in Manchester. I studied for 3 years and have a diploma from The College of naturopathic Medicine in Manchester. I am also a BANT registered Nutritionist and health coach, as well as a member of the CNHC.

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