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A 12 week online nutrition programme

Welcome to Cheshire Nutrition, Lisa Smith is a BANT Registered Nutritionist and a member of the CNHC. Lisa has over 17 years experience as a health coach and weight loss practitioner in Altrincham, with clients online and in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas.

Feel the best you’ve felt in years!

Have you found it difficult to find a way of eating that works for your body and fits in with your lifestyle? Perhaps you don’t feel like your usual self and you have symptoms that affect your quality of life. Maybe your medical tests are all normal but you still don’t feel well and you don’t know what to do next.

How can a Nutritionist help?

Nutrition and lifestyle medicine can be helpful for finding the root cause of a myriad of complex or chronic health problems. Nutritional therapy is an evidence-based approach using personalised diet and lifestyle changes that can be beneficial for the management of chronic illness. In some cases it might slow down the progression or even reverse the disease.

Support can help you achieve your goals

I understand how difficult it can be to make long lasting dietary and lifestyle changes. This 12 week online nutrition programme includes weekly coaching and motivational counselling to give you the support you need, and help you overcome any barriers and build long term healthy habits. You will receive practical nutrition and lifestyle advice that fits in with your life. As a Nutritional Therapist I use nutrition and lifestyle medicine to support people who have diagnosed illnesses, or unresolved health issues and often many symptoms that affect their quality of life. I aim to provide a high level of support and guidance for every client.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine for:


The Seeds of Health Method

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Take the stress out of healthy eating

Do you struggle with knowing what to eat to reach your health or weight loss goals?
The Seeds of Health Method is a 12 week nutrition programme designed to match the qualities that make you unique, with a personal nutrition plan that fits in with your life. It takes time to build healthy habits, changing your eating habits can be difficult. A monthly meal plan is included to help you stay on track with your personal nutrition plan, and help you achieve your health goals. 

A custom meal plan you can enjoy

Healthy eating is not just about salads!
Your nutrition plan is personalised to your goals, lifestyle and food preferences using a thorough assessment. It includes a meal plan with delicious recipes, a preparation guide, and a shopping list. You will know exactly what to buy each week and what to cook for your personal nutrition plan. A supportive nutritional therapy and meal planning package like this can help you achieve the long term results you have always wanted. 

Healthy eating without the hassle 

Think healthy eating is too time consuming?
This service aims to give you a realistic plan you can stick to. A personalised meal planning guide removes as many obstacles as possible and saves you time. It can help to simplify your life and give you the skills you need to build life long healthy habits. When you discover how great healthy eating makes you feel you will enjoy getting in the kitchen and making your own delicious meals.
Pay-as-you-go and monthly subscriptions are also available.
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Your Path to Better Health

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Poor nutrition, unhealthy environment, and a sedentary lifestyle are all linked to health problems, and may also be an underlying cause of some fertility issues. Factors such as age, obesity, diet, genetics, alcohol, smoking, and medications can all influence our health. New research clearly shows that poor diet, inactivity, poor sleep, and stress can affect all aspects of health.

Mainstream medicine alone does not always provide the solutions to nutrition and lifestyle related health problems. As a Nutritional Therapist I work alongside mainstream medicine and I often communicate with healthcare professionals.

Please do not delay any medical treatment, I believe there is a balance between medications, diet and lifestyle and they are all important as part of an effective healthcare plan.

Contact Lisa at Cheshire Nutrition in Altrincham and book your free discovery call to find out how Nutritional Therapy can help you.

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Lisa Smith BANT Registered Nutritionist

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